Our Firm

We enjoy helping people and we try to tailor our law practice to those cases which most lend themselves to that goal.

To that end, we want to work on cases with serious injury, whether it’s a car accident, a business breakup, a home foreclosure, or other cases that involve our client against a large corporate opponent. We ordinarily only work on cases when our client has suffered a serious injury. We try to limit our work to those cases because the litigation process is expensive. Unless the economic injury is severe, the attorney’s fees can swallow any recovery.

In some cases, we are able to work on a contingent fee. In those cases, we only get paid our fees if our client has a recovery. In some situations, we also can try to get the other side to pay legal fees, but that remedy is only available in specific, limited, situations.

We are also willing to work with other attorneys, mentor or joint venture with less experienced attorneys, and we accept referrals from other attorneys.